Tuesday, January 06, 2004

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My son Rick and I cut a big hole in the wall in my Mom's rental to fix the design flaw they built into the house. (We put a box in that has the drain and faucets in it.) I told Rick since his father-in-law does sheet rock, he can fix it!

We got the new (to us) car. It has the transponder keys that we are apparently stuck with in all new cars. It only came with one and no remote control. The dealer wants $140 for the remote and $170 for a key, which is why Valery and Mark have never bought either a key or a remote for theirs. I found a remote on-line for $55. It was easy to program and works just fine. The key I found at a locksmith for $65, but their new machine doesn't have the latest patches so they couldn't program the car to accept the key, sigh! Back to the drawing board.

Speaking of cars, Rick goofed and once again parked behind us in the driveway, His brother Charlie nailed him this time (I got him the last time). You know the whole back end of a Taurus is plastic? It shattered so we need a bumper, tail light lens, and the piece just below the trunk lid. I found most of the parts on the internet a lot cheaper than at the dealer.

It cost me $320 to register my car. Sigh, just the amount I needed to replace the radio with the one I want. Let's see, I spend $320, but have nothing to show for it, Crutchfield looses a sale, multiply that by millions of people paying outrageous fees, and we wonder why the economy was in the tank.

Rick and his wife Jessie moved into my Mom's rental yesterday, but now his satellite receiver doesn't work. We've decided that possibly my Mom's two story house is in the way. He's had a week off but now he doesn't have time to trouble-shoot it. Nice huh?